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This web site has been built to detail amazing projects created by the author using common controllers, software, electronic devices and components available on the market. Very often reproduce the reality or really "build" ideas can teach you how to better work with all standard market components and maximise the profitability of appliances available. and, why not, .... it is also funny!!

Push server

The Miniservices push server

Internet of things Manager

BV IoT Manager is the first Web application built using the Miniservice platform.
You can use the Miniservice SDK to register and manage your "Internet of Things" objects. From this app you will be able to control your plugs, read values from your sensors, send configuration info to your robots and so on.

BV IoT Manager web app


The robot ArduPorter is the natural evolution of the Arduway project. It is a robot built to support people in actions where they need to have immediately available tools or other hardware useful for they job. The robot is able to follow you, to avoid obstacles and to carry heavy objects. The future version will have also some robotics hands in order to better help during any repairing activity

ArduPorter robot full view

737 Flight Simulator cockpit

The idea is to create an environment with all the components needed to flight a real boing 737 - 500 (unfortunately I have not enough space to reproduce a real replica). It is connected with Xplane flight simulator (It was MSX before), 3 Desktop computers and different arduino modules to drive any flight cabin component.

Flight Simulator

Flight Simulator

Kossel Delta printer home made

It is a home made 3d Printer built following Kossel schemas. It uses an Arduino 2560 board to drive stepper motors, extruder and the rest of electronic needed.

3D Printer

Printerina laser Engraver

New printerina has been modified to be a powerful laser engraver system able to cut and engrave objects.

The new printerina

IoT Miniservices by

It is a set of services developed to be used by IoT devices with a simple protocol using mini logics able to be composed in more complex professional services

IoT Miniservices by

IoT PowerPlug Device

Powerplug is an IoT device able to interact with 8 different Power plugs. Using the Miniservice infrastructure you will be able to turn on an off the power for your electronic device wherever in the world. You need just an internet connection and a lot of fantasy

PowerPlug IoT Device

RV Planner

RVPlanner is a web application written in Angular to allow you to organise your RV routes using the database and a map system able to build your route considering the dimension of your RV veichle.

RV Planner

RV Control unit

This is a basic RV or caravan control unit. I built it to control, contemporary, the water pump and light zones of a caravan with two batteries as input, monitoring the status of the input (Vin) and switching automatically to the best power source

The RV Control unit

Printerina V2.0

This printer is the evolution of the Printerina 3d Printer. Completelly built by the previous version it has been completelly re-designed. The scope is to obtain a delta printer portable, light and chip but with great performances and results

New Printerina 3D printer

Development libraries

This section contains all libraries developed by the author to support any kind of development during those years (work in progress ...)

Libraries Source code

3d printing process

How the 3d Printing process works

Artificial Intelligence

Mobile Power Activator

Mobile power activator is an indipendent unit powered 220V with a set of power plugs and a GPS_Mobile controller. It allow you to activate and deactivate plugs using sms messages and to validate the GPS coordinates of the module itself

Mobile Power Activator

The Bitcoin Ticker

My NFT (Non Fungible Token) ticker built to have always under controll the value of my preferred virtual coin.
It also raise an alarm in case a specific value is reached.

The Bitcoin Ticker

Wall Acquarium

It's an Aquarium made of wood and resin that can be installed vertically in a small space exactly like a book container or like a shoe rack. Mechanic and electronic equipment are hidden in a closed space and a refined cover allows the access to the fish box and lamps

Wall Acquarium

IoT Meteo Station

It's a test device built to verify functionalities of the IoT Miniservices environment. It sends a temperature and Humidity integer value every 5 mins to the central infrastructure This value is then saved into environment ready to be manipulated or retrieved at a later stage.

IoT meteo station device

IoT Heart Rate Monitor

This device can be used anywere in the world to monitor heart rate beats and blood Oxygenation. It is based on the MAX30102 sensor and is able to monitor heart rate and blood oxygenation interfacing results with the IoT miniservice infrastructure provided by Thanks to the infrastructure you will be able to monitor all the needed parameter and create your own applications (using the SDK) to take under control the status of your devices

Heart rate monitor


The project ArduRobot starts from the idea to build an auto-balanced robot able to move a person from place to place. The first version was able to auto balance itself and, thanks to two 250W motors was able to move a person on a mobile platform built using the base of a cart used to move manually big objects. Thanks to different changes, it evolved to a Transport Robot useful for day-by-day move activities or just for fun in order to learn how to work with micro-controllers. This site has been built in order to let everyone know the evolution, all functionality and, perhaps, to find someone interested in evolving it and to build functionalities currently not available (mechanic and electronic).

Ardway Picture

Gazebo Accessories

This is a list of accessories built using a standard 3d Printer in order to increase functionalities of a standard garden Gazebo

Gazebo Picture

The multidimensional box

It is a sperimental box including different arduino sensor able to determine properly the position in the space of the user who is working with the box. It has also a sonic sensor able to determine the distance from a fixed point (usually the wall or any other forniture)

The multidimensional

Sail Curtain

It's a special expansion for an existing curtain of a Boat. Dimensioning pipes you can obtain a structure for any kind of boat

Sail Curtain

Drive your Miniservices using Amazon Alexa

In this section you will learn how to drive your miniservice objects using the Amazon Alexa device integrated with the Miniservice infrastructure

Amazon Alexa


In this page you will see an overview of my RV (recreational vehicle). I will show you picture and will describe some of the features available in my RV

My RV front view

Energy Box Power Bank

It is a Power Bank used to have always with me an emergency source of power for my devices

Energy Box power Bank

Peltier Cells Air conditioned

It is an air conditioned system (and experiment) built using a set of 3 Peltier cells. It is able to cool down the temperature of my room of few degrees but is a very interesting electric experiment

The Peltier Air conditioned system

RV Obscurer

The idea is to copy an expensive commercial solution to replace RV obscurer with simple and chip curtains to use during summer or during quick stops

RV Obscurer

Alexa skill by

I built a skill connected to the DB that can be used in the Italian market to find camper service areas and locations.
Note: It works only in Italy and in Italian

Alexa for

3d Objects

In this page you will find a collection of 3d objects designed and printed by the author. Those objects have been used for different pourposes described in the articles

The multidimensional

Cinematic shots

Different 4K videos made by me for with a Drone and with a 4K camera to show very beautiful places in Italy

Cinematic small logo new web site is a new web site, built to offer to people passionate for travel with RV (in Italian), interesting ideas and suggestion on locations, camping, parking areas around Europe and to support their travels with the technology made by small logo

The stirling engine

It is an engine where the hot source is external. This against standard engines where the hot source is internally generated by the gasoline explosion

Stirling Engine

Coming very soon

Artificial Intelligence, Chatbot and Chemistry subjects

Artificial Intelligence