IoT and Miniservice framework

How to create an account on the IoT Miniservice platform using BVIoTManager web app.

Before to start using the Miniservices infrastructure you need to sign-up for a free account. There are two different type of accounts. An "invited" account is an account who has been previously created and where you received an invitation code. Those accounts can create devices authonomously without human interaction by the Miniservice administration team.

In case you have not received any invitation code you should not be worried as you will be able to create, in any case, your devices (for free) with the only difference that your device will be created manually and released in max 24 hours from your request (usually very soon). In this case you will not receive any invitation code and will create your account with the following procedure.

To create an account you need to use the BVIotManager web app. Once opened in your browser, click on the sign-up option:

sign-up button in miniservice BVioTManager web-app

In the following page you need to enter:

1) A valid Email address
2) Your Name and your Surname which will be used by the system to create your userID later
3) The password for your account
4) A valid invitation code, if you received one. If you do not have any invitation code, leave it blank and the system will create for you a "normal" account which will only requires email validation.

sign-up button in miniservice BVioTManager web-app Once completed you can click on the "Sign-up" button and the system will do the rest. In case of problems, the app will display the following error message:

sign-up button in miniservice BVioTManager web-app In case of success the application will return the following success message

sign-up button in miniservice BVioTManager web-app

After a success message you will receive an email from a robotic user named: on the email you associated with your account.

Please note. The following instructions: In the subject of your activation email you will see the UID that the system associated to your account. Please take note of it because you will be requested to enter that UID at every login to the platform.

Select the activation link contained in your email and your account will be activated. From now on you will be able to log to the Miniservice platform using the UID you received and the password you configured initially.

Let's give a look now at how to add a new IoT device to the platform.

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