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Why BVRobotics.com?

The aim of this web site is to describe different projects completed by the author during these years thanks to the experience and to the passion for electronics.
All those projects have been realized working only on Sunday afternoons, or during free time, into a garage and show you that there is no limit for what everyone brain can realize just using fantasy and some manual capacity.
This site has been deployed in different version starting from 2005. From few users per day we have now hundreds of followers who constantly take our ideas as starting point for their ideas. This is something that make me proud of what I have done giving me the right strenght to procede with my initiatives.

This site is in English (my poor English) to reach a bigger audience but also because today English is the main language to use to be up to date with technology and with all possible experience around the word.

BVRobotics.com web site is purelly built in HTML (bootstrap), php and aspx and doesn't use any CMT or webSite builder tool

NOTE: The author is not responsible for any damage caused reproducing ideas showed in this site. Please, take into consideration that some ideas could require a specific expertise and could be dangerous for objects and for people so think always two times before to do something you are not sure.
If you need some help, please, ask to an expert for support.

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the Github repository
Thingiverse 3d objects
the Mobiflight project
the TinyGPS web site
Visual Micro as addin to use in VS2013 to build Arduino sketches
Platformio to manage and build Arduino Sketches

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