IoT and Miniservice framework

What you can do with The Miniservices by BVRobotics infrastructure

Once Registered on the miniservice infrastructure you will be able to start working on your first device. Miniservice infrastructure is a scalable platform, it allows you to not care of the central repository you need if you want to build an internet object and allows you to build it and to drive it easily thanks to:

1) A set of REST API that you can use to build your applications, web applications, robots etc. The same APIs will be used to drive your firmware and all of them will use a single repository for Configuration items, security parameters, preferences and sensor status.

2) The firmware already built for the NodeMCU platform that is the most common controller currently used to build IoT devices.

3) A development library that you can use from your applications to access the SDK simplifing, in one request, activities which could request different calls. For example, when you need to store a temperature parameter you will not need to call the "authenticator" REST api and the "store" function (with the requested parameters) but, you will, simply, need to call the "seTemperature" function sending it the temperature value and the name of your object.

4) a WEB app named: BVIoTManager which is, alone, able to control remotelly all your devices using the data you sent to the platform via your firmware or the firmware provided by us.

The four elements interaction could be better representeb by the picture below:

A schema to show how miniservice works

As you can see, the flexibility of the infrastructure allows you to decide if to work building your own app and firmware (in case of complex applications) or, if you want, to use (in case of easy subjects) our own firmware and our web app.
In all cases the access to the platform is allowed thanks to the SDK and to the libraries we wrote to make developer life easier. With such 4 elements it will be really easy for you to start working at the IoT world. In the main website BVRobotics I added different projects built using the Miniservice infrastructure which could be helpfull to stimulate your fantasy, but also to get some code to use building your devices.

In order to start working with the framework, you need to create an account in the platform and register your first device. To do this you will need to access BVIoTManager and signup when requested.

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