Gazebo objects

In this page you will find all objects built directly by the author and rendered with a cad in order to be used in a garden with a gazebo.

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Lamps hook

In summer 2017 I bought a new Gazebo from Leroy Merlin. It was named Niagara. More than a gazebo we should call it pergola. The problem of a pargola is that it has no any hook to sustain objects so if you want to add features or specific gadget, you need to build something to "sustain" those objects. for this reason I started thinging at some significant objects helpful to install different add on object so to add functionality to the Niagara Gazebo. The lamps hook is the first object I built. specifically it is an object able to sustain a rectangular lamp. I provided it also with a hole in order to sustain the cable without to leave it completelly disconnected from the structure Please, print it in ABS or PET-G and consider the opportunity to change it in case of different dimension. If you want to evolve this subject you can but, please, take into consideration to leave the original verion or a link to the thingiverse home page

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Cable hook

Cable hook is an hook able to shift a cable to a specific side of the gazebo. Usually the cable cannot be installed into the gazebo but must be adapted in some way the cable hook is an hardware component able to hide the cable into the gazebo structure. It has been built for the niagara gazebo but I distributed also the Sketchup source code so to re-adapt it to different gazebo structures

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Curtain connector

The Niagara Gazebo is not exactly a Gazebo but a pergola. A pergola has no specific connectors and hooks to sustain objects and features. For this reason, and in order to install a small curtain I built these easy hooks to use to install a light curtain. Please print it using PET-G or ABS and not PLA as the hot temperatures in summer could damage it

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Roof Hook

I decided to install a roof, for winter, on my Gazebo. This will surely allow me to use it also during the frozen period.

To do this I decided to use a light material like polycarbonate.
Visiting the local forniture shop I found some sheets of this material measuring 200X98 cm. With a Gazebo 4X3 mt I bought 6 sheets of polycarbonate. To install it I draw some hooks using sketchUp.

This is a special hook I built to install such similar sheet of PolyCarbonate. It is very easy but must be printed using ABS because, if you leave it installed, high temperature could damage the PLA structure during summer.

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In the following pictures you will see the gazebo completed in Jan 2018 with a detail of all the hooks I built and installed.
To fix it better to the structure I used some silicon to protect screws from the water but also some resin to reinforce all hooks and the connection between hooks and the structure.
Currently it resist to very strong wind so the result at the moment is perfect. We will see this summer if some PLA I used (reinforced with resin) will resist to the sun. In case I will build new components directly using ABS.



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