Buonevacanze.org is an Italian portal completely dedicated to passionate for RVs, caravans, camping etc. It's a sort of blog to show you beautiful places to visit, give you suggestions, but also to give you services in the world of travel using the BVRobotics technology.

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Do you remember the first domain name of my website? It was: "Buonevacanze.org". At that time, I started working on different projects for the travel industry. The name, even if in Italian, was perfectly aligned with the content of the portal.
After different years, I started moving my initiatives in different areas (other than travel) like AI or electricity.
Last, but not least, I started, seriously, working in Robotic. For this reason, I decided to buy the domain named "BVRobotics.com" and to move all pages of my portal under this new domain.

Travel industry, RV, camping and locations to visit have always been my passion since the beginning. Here you have why, at a certain point in my life, I decided to build something for people passionate for travel like me. The base idea was something to mix the beauty of locations, places, monuments etc. with the functionality of a map driven by some AI, a sat nav a location finder and a GPS positioning system. As result, I built Buonevacanze.org.

It is a sort of blog or portal for news in a specific area but can be transformed in a powerful location tracker with a sat nav able to create advanced paths for your trips using different AI algorithms.

The first idea was to build a sort of travel community. For this reason I put in the middle of the main page a groups chat. Everyone (logged) can see all messages and can reply to the rest of the people connected.
This portal is completely dedicated to Italian people. I will, probably, translate it, in the future, in English (in my English :-)). However, the current version, is in Italian and in any case the database I used (which contains more than 9000 parking areas, camping and locations) is limited to European sites.

Try to open the main page. You will see a first section containing a couple of main articles:

Buonevacanze.org main area

The articles you see here are not complete but just a preview. If you want to read the full article, in Italian, you will need to select the button: "Mostra tutto". At the bottom of this area you will see the community chat I mentioned before.

Buonevacanze.org camperChat

In this chat everyone who is registered on the web portal can write in one of the 5 main groups:

1) Main Group: This is a group for generic discussions. Here you can put: information about a place, question about a specific street, etc.
2) Area Sosta: Here you can start discussions on parking areas or camping or parks
3) Accessori: Camper and RV accessories
4) Meccanica: Specific mechanical info, parts etc.
5) Private: This area is, for now, left blank but in the future it will allow two specific users to communicate constantly between them using a special crypto algorithm I am writing in these months (during spare time)

In order to be able to write in this area you must be registered and logged on Buonevacanze.org. Originally, my previous idea was to leave the chat open for everyone. Unfortunately this cannot be done because of security reasons.
So, you are required to sign-in into Buonevacanze.org. The good news is that if you already have a miniservices account, you can use the same account to log into buonevacanze.org as well as you log into the BVRobotics portal.

The login procedure is performed into the BVRobotics platform and can be achieved using the toolbar at the top of the chat:

Buonevacanze.org buttons in the camperchat area

The button on the left (the one with an arrow) is the button needed to sign-in into "buonevacanze.org". The same login procedure can be activated also from the menu at the top of the browser page, simply selecting the item: "Camperchat login". once redirected into the BVRobotics infrastructure you will be able to decide if to log or to register a new account to use. Once registered (follow instructions) you will be able to login, your name will be displayed at the top of the chat, and in any conversation you will start.

Chats are stored in the buonevacanze.org DB and in your local cache. This means that you will find the same discussion also next time you will access the portal unless you do not delete all conversations from the database. This can be achieved using the button in the toolbar with the DB as logo.
Different tests are still on going on the chat so, you could find also some bugs. In case, please send a description of the bug to me and I will fix it.

It is time now to show one of the most interesting features of Buonevacanze.org. This feature has been implemented thanks to a BVRobotics function named: "Cobra AI" (artificial intelligence) that is part of the miniservices set of APIs.
First of all I built a miniservices API able to perform pattern matching using an interesting algorithm named KPM (Knuth‑Morris‑Pratt). This algorithm is able to give you a value of "confidence" regarding the fact that a specific string has been entered and matches a specific pattern. Once implemented this algorithm I built a database table and entered into this table, more than possible, sentences related to travels. The function I built is now able to identify a specific sentence giving me back as output the specific behavior I have been asked to perform.
If for example an user will write: "I would like to go to Rome", then I will receive (as output of the BVRobotics API) a pointer to a function who can search info on a specific location and the parameter to pass to this function: "Rome".
Obviously, I have in my set of functions the one needed and I will search all information about "Rome" and will return in my page.
Currently I implemented only the function to search info for a specific location so all patterns work in the same context (SearchRVArea) but, with some fantasy, I can implement many other actions that will be automatically associated by this "mini AI" algorithm

The way to display those information is interesting. In fact, when you require info for a specific location entering your sentence in the AI search panel:

Pattern matching feature

You will receive your result directly in the chat box (in the group named "Aree Sosta"):

Pattern matching feature

It is similar to a chat and this gives you the idea to be discussing with someone on the other side who gives you information on a specific location. It is a sort of "chatbot like" experience that I will try to expand with other features in the next versions of the portal.

In the middle of the page, you will see articles related to locations I visited and some interesting technical article. RV reviews and DIY articles. Each block contains just a preview of the article. Using the button in the "article card" you will open a "dialog" with the full article in it.

At the very bottom, there are different frames. A frame containing useful links selected from a collection of articles available in BVRobotics.com and in Buonevacanze.org and a box containing a parking area selected randomly from the list of 8000 areas available in the Buonevacanze.org database. Using the button in the card you can open a map showing the position of the specific area. This and the locations suggested in the same frame could support you to better plan your next trip..

If you are searching for a specific area you can also use an Alexa skill made availabe by buonevacanze.org to retrieve good suggestions on where to park your caravan or to stay for a night. If you need, to plan your itinerary using the AI to create a path compatible with your RV, then you can use the RVPlanner feature that can be accessed from the main menu or from the box in the middle of the screen:

button to switch to the Route Planner

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