My RV Rimor Europeo 89.

In these pages I will give you an overview of my RV (Recreational Vehicle). I will show you picture and will describe some of the features available in my RV.

If you need additional specific information about this topic or if you want to look it personally please write an email

The RV

Rimor Europeo 89 is one of the bigest RV available in the italian market that can be driven with the basic driving licence. It has also the advantage to have many beds (6 + 1 mini) and a specific configuration of the dining table. I decided to buy this one also because it has different spaces that can be used to implement my projects.

Before to start showing you the enanchements I built, let me show you some pictures of the basic configuration I bought in Dec 2018

The Cabin

View from internal

View of internal from the cabin

The Kitchen

The bathroom

The Bunks

The small dining 'room'

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