Sail Curtain

In 2014 I bought a used boat with an existing curtain already installed. This project started in order to install an additional curtain on the front of the boat. Whit those simple objects you can save a lot of money building this object with few euros.

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Main components

Keel Hook

Rotary Hook for curtain pipes

Rotary hook

hook lock

Right view of the THook Mounted


Building and setup instruction

In order to build this object you need to print:

2 Keel Hook

8 Hook Lock

4 Rotary Hook

6 Rotary Hook for curtain pipes

Please, print those objects using Pet-G. It is elastic so it "should" resist more than an object printed using ABS Do not use PLA because hot temperature will damage the printed objects.

The structure is composed by different 20mm alluminium pipes. The dimension depends on the boat dimension so it must be evaluated during the setup.

The rotary hooks are built for a 22mm keel pipes so, if your pipes are different you will need to adapt the pipe Screws and bolts are well dimensioned and should be of the required measure.

At the top of the structure pipes should be connected with curve objects not included in this draw. This because you can easily (and it is cheaper than printing the object on your own) find those objects in any forinuture shop. I used the curve connectors used for the plastic pipes needed as protection for electric cable.

Please note that this draw is only for the structure. The cloth, curtain connections are not part of the draw and should be adapted to your needs and to your dimensions

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