This function can be used to store in the Miniservices cloud a value related to meteo conditions in a certain period. Your IoT Device could call this service periodically in order to store current (past, planned or future) wheater conditions in terms of Temperature and Humidity. Every time a condition is stored, a specific timestamp is directly generated by the system. This timestamp will allow at a later stage to retrieve those information to present them trough an application or another IoT device

Input Parameter:


The Token received by the approver function (It means that your appliance is enabled for this functiona and to communicate with the Miniservice cloud)


The Temperature value (numeric Value) you want to store into the cloud


The Humidity value (numeric) you want to store into the cloud


This value is a boolean value (0 or 1) and can be used to indicate that the temperature and humidity values sent to the service are linked to some geographic coordinates stored with the GeoCoordinates function.
in this specific case, the approved token remain still valid for another call and can be used to call the GeoCoordinates function to store latitude and Longitude. The Token will remain the key to link the two tables for a get call at a later stage.
If no geo references are used then the value can be 0 and the token will no longer be valid after the call.

Output Parameter:


This parameter can be True or False. It depends if the insert was successfull or not


It indicates a message to describe the error. In case of success it simply indicates that the values have been entered properly
Test String: