This function is used to store GPS coordinates in the database. It takes, as input parameters, DateTime values needed, also, to identify exactly the time when the information has been entered. The difference between the Date/Time value entered as parameter and the timestamp generated automatically at approval level is that the first one is passed by the IoT device while the second one is generated by the server platform. This is important because in specific GPS conditions (Time Zone difference) you can have different time settings and this allows you to double check the data received or to analyse with more details the data available in the DB.
Input Parameter


The Token received by the approver function (It means that your appliance is enabled for this function and to communicate with the Miniservice cloud)


the name of the caller


The exact time when the sensor recorded the information (the GPS data). The format should be: HH:MM:SS (Ex:15:20:00)


The date GG-MM-YYYY (ex: 20-07-2015)


Latitude information in NMEA format (Ex: 12,839373)


Longitude information in NMEA format(Ex: 34,383747448)
Output Parameter


It is the name of the service cathegory


It is the result of the insert function


In case of error this tag contains the error message. In case of success it, simply contains a success message.
Test String