The Biomedical miniservice can be used to store in the Buonevacanze DB some values reported by Biomedical sensor. Specifically, in the first version the service can store values related to the body temperature (in Celsius), data related to the BPM (Beats per minute) and values related to the blood oxygenation. All of the 3 values can be sent using this service at any interval of time.
Once stored the data can be analysed, retrieved and different thresholds can be configured to receive alert or to do specific actions.

In order to activate those thresholds you should use the configuration service to store for your device the parameter called HeartRateAllarmHighLevel. If this parameter is present for your device in the IoT table then a robot will automatically take care to send an email to the slected address once a value higer than this limit is reached.
In case you want to receive an email when a lower value is reached then you need to set the HeartRateAllarmLowLevel with the needed value.

NOTE: miniservice is an infrastructure able to store and manipulate data but those data are not generated by infrastructure. This means that is not responsible for the content of its database and for the reality of data sent by external IoT device
Input Parameter


The Token received by the approver function (It means that your appliance is enabled for this function and to communicate with the Miniservice cloud).


The Temperature returned by the sensor. This value will be considered as an integer value


The Beats per minute (BPM) value returned by the IoT device at the specific time. This value is sent as a string but entered as an integer


The oxygentation value. This, as well, is an integer value

NOTE: This version doesn't consider the time returned by the IoT device. The only time available in the database is the server time when the data has been entered. The same value will be used by any query
Output Parameter


It is the name of the service cathegory


It is the result of the insert function


In case of error this tag contains the error message. In case of success it, simply contains a success message.
Test String