IoT and Miniservice framework

How to read temperature values stored in the Miniservices infrastructure using the BVIoTManager Web Application

Miniservices infrastructure allows you to store Temperature and Humidity information on a central database. Those values can be retrieved to be used for different reasons. For example you can decide to activate or not a Heating machines based on the temperature value your sensor indicates. You can create statistics using data entered into the database from a meteo station. You can, simply, build a device to display the current temp value in a room. There are many other way to use those information. To do it properly, you have different options. You can use the set of API available in the Miniservices infrastructure or you can use the BVIotManager web app.

The aim of this page is to describe how to use the Web App to retrieve temperatures in different formats.

First of all, be sure you have a valid device available in your Blob (a Blob is a valid and active configuration) configured for a "Temperature" device. If you have not yet created a "Temperature" device in your Blob you can follow our tutorial to create one.
After the device has been created, be sure you collect data into the Miniservice platform using your device with the Pre-Built Firmware or with your personal firmware built using Miniservice API.

Log to the BVIotManager web app using your credential. You will be redirected to the device page where you will need to select the Meteo device you want to open:

BVIoTManager web application select a temperature device

After you select your device you will be entered in a page where the last temperature returned by the device is the one evidenced in the "Temperature Box". The default value for a page, is, in fact, the last temperature entered into the DB. At API level, this can be done using the API named GetTemperature with the parameter named: "LATEST" set to 1.

The meaning of each field is clear however, here an explanation for each box in the page:

BVIoTManager web application select a temperature device

As stated before, the first time this page is opened, the default value is the last set of values available. Last set of value means all the parameters stored into the infrastructure the last day the sensore was active. Obviously the api returns also the timestamp so it will be easy to order the data returned.
In this case at the top of the form you can see the latest timestamp returned.
if you want to change the data you need just to enter a new date and the page will be updated with new results.
If no data is returned by the API for the secified day, a "not found" string is displayed in any field of the form

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